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What's New?

The design of broadcast and A/V video products continue to be the majority of our work, and 2016 was no exception. We have also designed some of the best down-hole camera systems for well, bore-hole, and shaft inspections and introduced innovations in that field based upon our experience in video design. Overall, we designed more than 8 new products that were introduced by our clients into their markets in 2016.

We have also won recognition in our designs by winning both design and innovation awards at the National Association of Broadcaster (NAB) conventions in 2006 and 2008.

We designed a series of HD-SDI LCD monitors, HD digital to analog converters and HD analog to digital converters, video frame averager for military applications, and a low cost HDTV pattern generator with real voice audio channel IDs.

For the A/V marketplace, we also designed a pair of CAT5 Receivers and Transmitters that link stereo audio, RGBHV video, and RS-232 or IR between distant points using a single inexpensive CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6/7/8 UTP cable.

What's Old?

We call ourselves the "Pixel Tamers", and to challenge this title, in 2009 and again in 2015 we were asked to design a replacement LCD for the early daylight readable LCD's used in Boeing 737 and 757 cockpits. In 1998 we developed LCD replacements for CRT displays used in Navy's P3 Orion aircraft.

During the migration form SDTV toward HDTV we've developed products to bridge the transition from SD to HD. These products increased the usable life of legacy displays. For broadcast OB vans, we developed  test signal generators to check the routing of multi-channel audio paths and the video quality of the transmission link back to studio.

Many of Comtech's latest product designs focus creating HDTV video products. These range from test generators to a variety of LCD displays. We are also able to take standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) serial digital feeds and scale, de-interlace, and frame-rate convert any input format and target any LCD/DLP/Plasma display resolution.

Comtech continues to design converter products to help our clients offer the broadcaster state-of-the-art analog decoding - and format converters.

Also, important in our design portfolio are those products targeted for use in the A/V market. The A/V market continues to grow and we intend to be a part of that growth with innovative and reliable products. We understand the need to keep cost down and quality up!


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