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What's New?

DGA The design of broadcast and A/V video products continue to be the majority of our work, and this year was no exception. We did broaden out and designed a replacement LCD display for the aviation market.

Above is a Pilot Primary Flight Display (PFD) used in the cockpits of 700 series aircraft . Continue...

What's Old?

STS This is the official patch for the MIR Space Station. We designed a Quad Split display for the European Space Agency to increase the number of video channels between the ground and the MIR.

Although the MIR is no longer flying, the product lives on as a very successful Quad Split video product. Continue...

Comtech Overview

PRODUCT DESIGN is our only business!

COMTECH ELECTRONICS, INC. is a small business incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida with headquarters located in Gainesville, Florida. We develop high-tech products for our customers on a consulting basis in addition to partnering with select companies. Comtech implements rigorous engineering standards to design, prototype, test, and deliver all of our projects at a reasonable cost and in a realistic timeframe.


Project Highlights

From Trains to Flying Pigs...

Over the years we have designed a wide variety of products for very diverse industries.

We started back in 1972 with a project for SeaBoard Coast Railway, lovingly called, the "Hot Box Detector". It seemed that they would lose wheels off of box cars and the resulting derailment was expensive. So, they came to us to design an infrared detector that could sense elevated temperatures between axles as the train pasted. When a 'hot box" was detected the unit would start counting the axles to the end of the train. Continue...

Helpful Downloads

This area will bring you downloadable CAD software links to help you get started or help you maintain your product development.

Schematic Capture and PCB layout software...

Contact Us

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Main Office Address:
Comtech Electronics, Inc
6515 NW 16th Street
Gainesville, FL 32653

888-726-3669 or (+1.352.373.6785)